How long does a concrete ornament last?

The life of an ornament is highly dependant on the concrete mixture. A properly made concrete ornament should last at least a decade yet I have seen some that last much longer than that, even a century.

Do you have to cover concrete ornaments during the winter?

No in general, if it is exposed to salt debris (side of the road) then vinyl or burlap can be used to shield it from the salt. No standing water should remain on/in the piece. Proper drainage is always very important.

How do you prep the ground before placing a garden ornament?

A patio stone or 4″ to 12″ of gravel provides stability to the concrete ornament and also acts as a moisture barrier, hence preventing the concrete to soak up excess moisture from the ground up that sometimes results in the deterioration of the lower extremities.

How do I winterize a fountain?

First, remove drain plugs and drain the fountain, remove pump and ensure N0 water remains in any of the bowls. If the pump cannot be removed, wrap it in insulation and then seal twice in plastic bag.  Second, cover the fountain with vinyl and tie it off around the base in order to prevent water from collecting in the bowls or around the pump.

How do I winterize a planter?

Dirt in the planter should be removed (easily done if some type of liner was used). The planter should be turned over and check that the drain hole is cleared. If the planter is to heavy to over turnover , then proper drainage is a must and can be achieved by simply elevating the planter from the ground by inserting some type of spacer under the base (old pieces of tile, stone or wood). This creates a hollow area under the planter which enables the water and ice to drain away from the planter. Covering the planter with a lid such as wood will prevent excessive ice build up. 

How do I winterize a birdbath?

Generally, a birdbath does not have a drain hole. Water should not be left in the bowl. Simply turnover the bowl and set on its base. You may also store the bowl in a shed or use a water heater to enjoy your birdbath all year round.

Should I apply a sealer to protect the concrete ornament?

Applying a sealer protects the concrete against the elements, thus preventing the ornament from antiquing on its own. We suggest applying sealers on the inside of the fountain bowls and planters that hold moisture and leaving the outside natural. The sealer eases the cleaning of these areas which sometime become coated with algae. If a special color or finish is applied, then a sealer prevents that finish from decaying, therefore maintaining a fresh look.